CrispSofties has released iPod.iTunes 2.0 software to synchronize tracks and playlists between iPods and Macs.

The release follows four beta releases of the solution and offers a redesigned Aqua interface. It's also 40 per cent faster in operation than previous beta releases, the company claims.

Mac users with this software installed can maintain up-to-date music collections on different Macs; restore tracks and playlists after hard disk failures; replace accidentally deleted tracks; clone iPod collections or transfer collections between Macs.

The also synchronizes tracks, playlists or both, automatically or manually. In manual mode the software offers a list of iPod tracks not included in an iTunes collection, and allows a user to copy over only the desired tracks.

The software also creates a date and time stamped iTunes playlist containing the transferred tracks to help users manage collections.

The software requires Mac OS X 10.1.2-10.2.4 and iTunes 2.0.4-3.0.1. It costs ?39.99 (about £20).