Macintosh users now have a secure software-solution for instant messaging over multi-platform networks.

QuickConference 1.6 from CE Software is the latest update to the company's instant-messaging application. The version adds an instant reply feature, a customizable "do not disturb" message, highlighted incoming messages and an updated server compatible with In/Out Tracker. The latter feature is an electronic in/out board for Macs and Windows TCP/IP Networks.

Additional features include URL and email support, customizable address books, and secure messaging. It will also support messaging over the Web

CE Software's president, John Kirk said: "Unlike traditional instant messaging services, QuickConference is designed with the business environment in mind. It's secure, instant, efficient, and easy to use and install."

Any computer connected to a TCP/IP network can use the solution. There is no need for Internet access for the solution to work.

A 30-day demo version is available. A five-user pack costs $119.95, while a 100-user package costs $699.95. Each server supports up to 200 users and links to up to 14 servers. Servers and clients need to employ TCP/IP and ethernet.