UserCreations has announced Spring for OS X, its desktop-based interface that combines a Web browser, desktop and drawing programme.

The company claims its solution offers a "new, yet totally natural and intuitive desktop user experience for Web resources".

The company has tried to develop a way of using a Mac that is "more" human and "less machine-like". It lets users manage their computer communications (file and document-sharing, messaging, and email, for example) through visual representations of people, places and applications.

The company describes the way Spring is used: "Imagine that you don't have to go to five different applications to communicate with the same person. Imagine that booking a flight or train is as simple as opening a canvas with a map and dragging between the two cities."

"Spring is one of those mind-blowing new applications that changes the way people interact with their Macs," said Dan Wood, creator of the award-winning Watson.

A fully-functional demo version is available, the application (which supports Mac OS X 10.1, with Jaguar support promised in future) costs $24.95.