Apples' leading position in the digital music market puts it in position to benefit as new competitors help that market expand, a cacophony of analysts agree.

Sony, Creative, iRiver and others are launching products they hope will emerge as the mythological "iPod-killer", and services such as Napster are biting at the iTunes Music Service.

It may not matter, Envisioneering analyst Rick Doherty said: "Less than one percent of the world's population has a digital music player. Apple will have more competition but the overall category will grow fast enough and there should not be any slowdown for Apple."

Inside Digital Media analyst Phil Leigh agrees, telling Reuters: "If these new entrants come in and accelerate the growth of the market, there will be no adverse consequence to Apple, even if its market share slips.

"If the market's ten times the current size and Apple's market share slips to 50 per cent, they're still off to a good start," said Leigh.

The report expresses that most analysts believe Apple will dominate the market for at least two years.