Apple's music products continue to drive growth, the company reveals.

Announcing Apple's financial results last night, chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer said revenue from Apple's music products grew by 162 per cent year on year.

He said: "We had another phenomenal quarter for iPod sales. The company now has iPods available for sale at 13,000 distribution points worldwide."

In response to questions, Apple executives said that demand for iPod minis "far exceeds" supply. "Most of the resellers and retail locations were reporting selling out within hours or days of receipt of stock", they said.

With the mini set to launch internationally July 24 the company opened up its books to take pre-orders from outside the US last week. Apple executives described the stream of orders for the product from international markets as "unprecedented". "Demand for the mini is extremely strong," they added.

The iPod's marketshare remains steady, Oppenheimer said, revealing that "iPod has continued to gain market share and remains the number one selling MP3 player, including all hard drive and flash based players by a wide margin".

He also cited US digital distribution data from SoundScan, which he said shows Apple enjoys "more than" a 70 per cent share of legal US downloads".

He added that iTunes Music Store in the UK, France and Germany "has become Europe's top online store".