and the Beggars Group of record labels, which include established music brands Beggars Banquet, Mo-Wax, Mantra Recordings, and UK favourites, Too Pure and Wiija, are to launch a subscription-based music on-demand channel.

Artists in Beggar’s roster include, The Prodigy, Cornershop, The Charlatans and Saint Etienne. Visitors to the site will be able to access streaming music and selected promotional MP3 downloads.

Dick Huey, senior director of new media for the Beggars Group said: "The Beggars Group is extremely pleased to be one of the first independent or major labels to roll out a functional, large-scale subscription model trial focused on consumers."

Michael Robertson, chairman and CEO of, said: "We intend to create a profitable subscription channel by building a model that benefits both content owners and consumers."

Music fans will be able to link to their account from Beggars Group Web sites, and through Beggar’s Internet partners, and Avdeck.

Martin Mills, chairman of Beggars, underlined the emergence of subscription-based on-demand music channels as the business model adopted by established music brands as they explore the world of digital distribution: "We believe that subscription streaming will be an important mode of music consumption in the future."

Chris Montgomery, vice president of Channel Development at, said: "Through our partnership, the Beggars Group will have access to a full set of administration tools which ensure total control of their content. They will also have access to all statistics related to the ways in which consumers interact with their content and the revenue generated on a per listen basis."

Beggars is in the vanguard of major music brands moving online, following major upheavals in the world of MP3 in recent months. All five major labels are expected to make major moves online in the near future.