EMI Music's UK chairman and CEO Tony Wadworth believes that legitimate digital music services are reigniting interest in music itself.

"Album sales are at an all-time high" he writes in this morning's Guardian in a piece called, "iPods will kill CD sales, and other myths". He reveals that over one million legal downloads take place in the UK each month now.

While Wadworth does see a threat from unauthorised file sharing, he denies the labels are "anti-downloading", instead he writes: "We believe the Internet is a great way to listen to new music and get into styles of music you otherwise might not hear."

At a time when everyone with an idea as to how to harness the Internet is reputedly getting a meeting, Wadworth promises that EMI will work with any company with a sound business model, and repeats that the industry would like to see interoperable music file formats.

He stresses that the music industry has been working with the Internet for years, "through artist and official retail websites we're offering brand new content through streams and special offers".

He adds that the label's ability to invest and market artists is of value to musicians, denying that the Internet means musicians don't need labels any more.