Digidesign has released a new plug-in for RTAS (Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium) systems called SurroundScope.

The plug-in provides a real-time visual representation of the audio position occupied in a stereo or multi-channel field, making it easier to monitor multi-channel mixes.

SurroundScope features surround energy metering, high-level resolution metering, stereo Lissajous-phase metering and center-zero phase metering for Pro Tools systems, Dididesign's surround mixing software.

Any two sides of a multi-channel track can be selected within the surround display, and the phase relationship monitored via the meter.

The plug-in also features a multi-channel level-meter for a decibel level-reading for each channel, including an LFE (low frequency encoding) channel, if one is present. For Pro Tools LE users, SurroundScope also supplies a stereo Lissajous-phase meter, which combines a vector-style Lissajous-phase display along with a center-zero-phase display. SurroundScope costs $295. No UK price is available yet.