US music-player sales will reach ten million units in 2005, predicts the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

CEA research published last week anticipates 10 million unit sales for revenue of $1.7 billion this year.

"The portable MP3 player category has shattered all expectations as unit sales more than doubled in 2004 to over 6.9 million units, and dollar sales nearly tripled in revenue to $1.2 billion, compared to figures from 2003," says the CEA.

Consumer electronic products sold beyond expectations last year, reaching $113.5 billion - up 11 per cent, year-on-year.

CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro said: "Consumer electronics sales continue to surpass our expectations and break existing records year after year, because this is an ever-changing industry that delivers innovative products that enhance consumers' lives."

Other sales drivers included: digital TVs (sales up 78 per cent); satellite radio; mobile navigation devices (up 35 per cent); PCs (up ten per cent) and devices that use flash media, such as digital cameras (up 200 per cent).