Macworld UK readers are reporting their first experiences of using the iTunes Music Store in the Forum.

While for some the experience has been a joy, with one reader saying: "Wow this is going to cost me a fortune. UK iTunes store worked brilliantly, downloaded an album in just over a minute," for many Mac and Windows users the store is demonstrating a few "teething troubles".

Other readers are disappointed by the lack of "decent music". As one reader puts it: "Pity it has sod-all that I want to buy, largely due to the lack of indies."

Another reader explains: "From my point of view iTMS is pointless if it limits me to tracks I can get from my local CD store. I was looking forward to buying some of those hard-to-find tracks that haven't had a UK CD release, but I guess I'll be sticking to buying direct from the labels or bands in the US."

One reader has even uploaded what they call "the world's first-ever protest iMix", called "Release the Indies". Because of the lack of independent label content, this currently consists of just three songs.

Money spinner

But it's not all bad. Many are pleased with Apple's UK pricing structure – 79p a track or £7.99 an album. Some expected it to be much higher. One reader notes: "I just got the Beastie Boys new album – it was cheaper then anywhere else I have seen it. Nice."

In a recent poll of Macworld online readers, Macworld found that 61 per cent were prepared to pay 79p a track.

While one reader questions the conversion rate: "A Euro is worth 66p so why are we being charged 79p," another points out that VAT takes the price up to 79p. However, he adds: "the French and German stores have VAT included too."

Another reader refers to the recent addition of free downloads to the US iTunes and asks: "When will we be getting a free song every week?"

The price of some audio books has surprised some however. One reader points out that a Pride and Prejudice audiobook costs £42.95. Another notes that there are no Harry Potter books available for download.

Shut out

Some people in the UK still can't make it to the point where they can buy a track. It seems that the site is not geared up for Switch card users – one reader states: "It doesn't work for me – it won't take my Switch card.'

Another major problem is being experienced by Londoners. One explains: "The UK iTunes Music Store will not accept that London is not in a County and it also rejects my postcode as invalid. Expect to have problems signing up and you live in London."

Slightly further a field one reader in Jersey is experiencing a brick wall when he tries to use the store: "Nice one Apple. I've waited 14 months for them to open the UK Music Store and now that the rest of the UK has it, it's still not available in my region. I'm blocked from registering because of my postcode. I live in Jersey and I really can't believe there are licensing issues that prevent Channel Islanders like me from buying music online."

What has your experience of the iTunes Music Store been so far? Let us know in the forum.