Propellerhead is shipping Reason 2.0, the latest major release of its ‘virtual studio-rack’ software.

Designed for professional musicians, DJs and audio engineers, Reason provides a completely self-contained synthesizer system on a Mac.

Reason 2.0 sports a raft of improvements, including Mac OS X support. The software includes an analogue-type sequencer, sampler, drum machine, Graintable synthesizer, loop-player, analogue-style polyphonic synthesizer, and more.

All are provided in a rack-style interface that gives users real-time access to dials, knobs, buttons, and a variety of other settings to get the desired sound.

Sounds good Specific improvements in Reason 2.0 besides Mac OS X support include the NN-XT Advanced Synthesizer, developed for heavy-duty programming; a detachable sequencer that can now be placed anywhere on the screen; the unique Malström Graintable Synth; and the Orkester Sound Library.

Mac OS 9, OS X, and Windows versions of Reason 2.0 all ship on the same CD. The full version costs $399. Upgrading from Reason 1.0 costs $89. Downloadable demos of Reason 2.0 are available from the Propellerhead Web site. Separate downloads exist for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.