The editors of IDG's Macworld US magazine and Web sites have announced their Best of Show awards for Macworld Conference and Expo 2005 in Boston.

The Best of Show awards represent the most exciting hardware and software products announced at the show.

Jim Dalrymple, editor online, presented the awards: "Whether iPod or Mac products, developers are making innovative solutions that are both powerful and easy to use," he said.

To be eligible products either debuted at the show or were recently introduced and "likely to generate excitement on the show floor".

The winners are:

@Last Software SketchUp 5.0

The latest version of @Last's architectural design software for OS X adds a collection of "Sandbox" tools to help landscape designers, a larger component library, better sketching tools, improved file import and export support and much more.

DLO Transpod for iPod shuffle

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) has introduced the Transpod for iPod shuffle, an FM transmitter for iPod shuffle users that plugs into a car cigarette lighter or accessory jack. Unavailable in the UK (due to local laws) the product will tune into any FM radio frequency.

The device charges the iPod shuffle and plays using a USB connector, but the also carries a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input to connect any other headphone-equipped music player or device - and the USB connector can even charge gaming systems and mobile phones.

Harman Kardon Drive + Play

This product lets users hard-wire an iPod into a car. It includes an illuminated navigation wheel, a backlit LCD display to view the contents of the iPod and the "Brain," an interface box that connects the iPod to the vehicle and charges it while driving, through a Dock Connector. A 3.5mm output connects to any car with an auxiliary input jack, and it can send songs using an FM receiver. It can also route audio signals such as satellite radio to the car's audio system.

Parliant PhoneValet Anywhere, PhoneValet Podcast

Parliant has extended its PhoneValet software and hardware - which turns a Mac into a virtual call centre, complete with call history tracking, custom voicemail greetings - with PhoneValet Anywhere. PhoneValet Anywhere lets PhoneValet Message Center 3.0 users access messages and reports, call log and phone book from anywhere using the Internet.
PhoneValet Podcast is an extension to PhoneValet Message Center 3.0 that includes tools for capturing, cleaning and editing phone-based conversations using VST editions of BIAS's SoundSoap 2 and Peak Express.

Software MacKiev The Print Shop for Mac 2.0

Software MacKiev is adding page layout functionality to The Print Shop 2.0, which now includes rules, gridlines, guidelines and snap functionality through menu items and in a layout palette. A redesigned project window makes it easier to get started by grouping items into four categories: Celebration, Stationery, News and Projects. Drag-&-drop support has been added to iPhoto, Mail and other applications, and Tiger users gain Spotlight search and eight photo effects that leverage Tiger's Core Image technology.