Elements of the original Macintosh development team will deliver the opening speeches at Macworld Expo Boston, IDG World Expo announced last night.

Though Apple won't be there in the twentieth year of the Mac, Apple's original Mac design team – Jef Raskin, Andy Hertzfield, Bill Atkinson and Jerry Mannock will be. They will share anecdotes and perspectives on the development of the original Macintosh.

The event – which takes place July 13 – will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Mac. The Mac luminaries will also look at the evolution of the Mac, and share their opinions of what the future holds for the Mac and the technology community at large.

IDG World Expo has also announced that photojournalist Rick Smolan will deliver the feature presentation on Wednesday, July 14 at 10am.

Macworld Boston will see the return of the MacBrainiac Challenge a geek trivia contest hosted by Christopher Breen, contributing editor of Macworld. The MacBrainiac Challenge will take place on Wednesday, July 14 at 3pm.