Macworld will be posting real-time updates from Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld Expo San Francisco 2002. The event is due to begin at 5PM GMT. Simply keep refreshing this story for the hardware and software revelations as they happen.

Apple is also making Jobs' address available as a live QuickTime stream from its Web site.

Just one more thing... A new 12-inch PowerBook.
- $1,799, shipping in two weeks
- SuperDrive as build-to-order option for $1,999
- G4, 867MHz, slot-load Combo drive, BlueTooth built-in, Airport Extreme-ready, 40GB hard disk, 256MB DDR.
- 1.2-inches thick.
- Weighs 4.6lbs
"Smallest full-featured notebook in the world. It's a beauty, and it's really, really tiny. Most affordable PowerBook ever. This is clearly going to be the year of the notebook for Apple."

17-inch PowerBook - $3,299, shipping from February
- Boots into OS X.
- 1GHz G4, 1MB L3 cache, 60GB hard drive, SuperDrive slot load, GeForce 440 Go 64MB, FireWire 800 with an adaptor.
- BlueTooth and Airport Extreme built-in, as well as Gigabit Ethernet. Airport Extreme is 54Mbs and is compatible with 802.11b. "Most wirelessly capable notebook in the industry."
- 17-inch PowerBook, with landscape screen. Taken iMac display and built it in with thinner backlight.
- Less than one-inch thick.
- Weighs 6.8lb.
- Made of anodized aluminium alloy.
"Most incredible product we have ever made. Titanium PowerBook became the number one lust object in the industry, and no-one's caught up with it in two years. We believe that one day notebooks are even going to outsell desktops."
- Fibre optic back-lighting for keyboard.

New Keynote presentation app launched - On sale from today for $99.
- New professional presentations application.
"Keynote was built for me. I needed an app to build the kind of graphics-intensive slideshows that I show you at these presentations. I can assure you it's a great app. We've built-in production value into this like you've never seen before. it's going to look like you had an entire graphics department at your fingertips."
- Imports/exports into PowerPoint, and exports to QuickTime and PDF.
- Jobs beta testing keynote for a year.
- Navigation by means of Slide.
- All text antialiased.
- Alignment guides included.
- Supports Quartz graphics.
- Graphics can have transparency.
- Offers built-in spreadsheet.
- Includes 12 built-in Themes to edit all facets of a presentation, including text, background and pictures.
- Includes transitions that run through Quartz.

Safari launched
"A turbo browser for OS X, the first major new browser in five years. This is the fastest browser on the Mac, and the most innovative browser around."
- Free download from today.
- Three times faster on Mac than Internet Explorer.
- Flash built in.
- Uses iBooks/iPhoto metaphor for bookmarks organization. "It's a very powerful way to manage your bookmarks."
- Address Book bookmarks automatically added to the library.
- Based on open source KHTML code base.
"We think you're going to love Safari.

"A lot of people have talked the talked but we have delivered the solutions."
- 18 million copies of iTunes downloaded to date.
iPhoto 2.0 launched
- 6 million copies of iPhoto distributed.
iPhoto 2.0 will offer one-click image enhance, a retouch brush and ability to archive to CDs and DVDs. It will also be integrated with iTunes.

iMovie 3 launched
- Distributed over 12 million copies of iMovie.
- iMovie 3 fully integrated with other iApps, and offers: precise audio editing; a Chapters feature that makes it easier transfering iMovies to iDVD 3; still-image editing ('Ken Burns Effect'); less intrusive interface; new transitions, titles and effects.

DVD 3 launched
- 680,000 copies of iDVD distributed.
- DVD 3 sees 24 new themes, including Theater, Projector, Gen Y, Picture-in-Picture, Sports and "a number of pro themes". "This is why we do what we do, so you can make this stuff."

iLife - the new integrated iApps
New integrated iApps rebadged iLife. This is available from January 25, and bundled with all new Macs. Free downloads of iTunes 3, iPhoto 3 and iMovie 3 still available, or $49 for box bundle, including iDVD 3.
'iLife will do wonders for our digital lifestyle."

OS X apps
- Currently 5,000 native apps.
- All new products will now boot in OS X.

Final Cut Express
Introduction of Final Cut Express, a cut-down version of Final Cut Pro, the "number one pro video application in the world on units sold".
- Costs $299. Available from today.

Mac OS X
- 5 million active OS X users.
- Added 3.8 users in 2002.
"Came of age with Jaguar. It talks with everything. We're confident we'll get to 10 million users this year."

Shipped over 600,00 iPods to date. Top MP3 player in US and Japan.
"Walkman of the digital age."

Over 250,000 paying subscribers to .Mac. "Growing every month," says Jobs.

1.1 million copies of iCal downloaded since last summer.

- 1.4 million people visited Apple stores in December.
- Half of computers sold are to Windows users.
- Apple stores hit revenue target of $141 million.

A total of 7.8 million unique vistors to Apple Switchers site, of which 68 per cent (over 5 million) were running Windows. "One of best ad campaigns ever run," says Jobs.