Apple UK has introduced a Combo Drive-equipped eMac, but removed CD-RW-equipped classic iMacs from its range.

The CD-RW eMac is the entry-level model (priced £899), a Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM is the mid-range machine (£999) and a similar model – equipped with more memory, a stand and an AppleCare Protection Plan – is the high-end eMac (£1,425).

Three models of 700MHz eMac are available now, all equipped with 256K L2 cache, a 17-inch display, 40GB drive, 56K modems, 10/100Base-T Ethernet and Nvidia GeForce2 MX GPUs. All models have 128MB of RAM, except the high-end machine which carries 512MB of RAM.

Apple has also removed the 600MHz G3 CD-RW iMac option from its CRT iMac range. The range now offers CD-ROM across the board. All other specifications remain the same. The difference between the three available iMacs is RAM. Three models are available equipped with 128MB (£649), 256MB (£708.55) and 512MB (£827.63) of RAM respectively.

Prices include VAT and are correct according to the UK Apple Store this morning.