Macworld Expo showgoers are furious that Apple is charging $129 for its 10.2 update to Mac OS X, reports a Mac User Group at the show.

"Most of the people we've talked to at the show have been saying it's ridiculous that Apple is charging so much for Jaguar," said Todd Johnson, webmaster for the Conneticut Mac Users Group. "A lot of people like Apple because it does things differently, yet plenty of them have told us that its charge for Jaguar is the kind of stunt they'd expect from Microsoft. If our experience at the show is any guide then there's a whole lot of angry Mac users out there right now."

He added: "There were 48 people from our group at the show and the one big negative aside from no more free iTools was the $129 charge for Jaguar. For people who have just bought a new Mac $129 is a lot of money to pay. At the very least Apple should consider offering such people a hefty discount."

Asked if he would be buying the 10.2 update upon its release on August 24 Johnson said: "Like many people I've talked to here I'm going to wait and see if there are any problems with it. if there are then I won't buy it, period."

Yet not all Mac fans are up in arms about the charge. Norbert Weatherhead, a member of the Metropolitan New York Mac Alliance, says he's more than happy to fork-out for Jaguar. "Man, have you seen how much stuff is in there?" he asked. "I'm absolutely mad for iSync and will be buying the update the moment it's available. Hell, I even paid for the first Mac OS X because I couldn't bear to wait for the free version to ship."

Others are philosophical. Richard Scillia is director of publicity for the Long Island Mac Users Group. He said: "Some of the people I've talked to have complained about being charged so much for 10.2 but I think there's plenty of others who realise that Apple exists to make money and that if it didn't then there'd be no Apple."

He added: "There's also a lot of stuff in Jaguar that people don't know about. I'm a musician and 10.2's improved handling of MIDI is something that the music guys at the show are jumping up and down about. I'm one of them."