The Shapiro Consulting Group (SCG) today launched a Mac OS X-compliant version of its 16-bit photo-retouching application, Asiva Photo.

Version 1.2.0 works in 16-bit per component, which is consistent with the output of high-end scanners and digital cameras. The application is designed to offer photographers, repro houses and imaging professionals powerful colour-correction capability without the complication of creating layers and masks.

"Almost all colour editing and enhancement applications today require the user to first physically define the region to be edited," SCG marmeting vice president Roland Lee told Macworld. "With regions that are ill-defined this can be an impossible task. We pioneered the Asiva three-way colour-correction, and this allows the user to define a region based on its hue, saturation and luminance."

The product is shipping for $378. UK pricing was unavailable at the time of writing.

Lee also revealed SCG has reached alpha-testing stage on Asiva DV. "We expect to release the product by the end of the third quarter this year," he said. This will allow the user to move and track multiple regions across any number of frames, and will work in all QuickTime-supported file formats.

Lee added that Asiva HD – for use with high-definition TV – is due to ship in spring 2003. This will offer support for PAL, NTSC and external I/O devices, as well as including built-in scene logging.