ATI Technologies remains positive regarding Apple's decision to bundle nVidia cards in three of its four new PowerPC G4s.

nVidia's GeForce2 MX graphics card, with 32MB of SDRAM, will ship with the 533, 667 and 733MHz G4s.

Asked if this decision threatened ATI's releationship with Apple - till now, ATI has provided the graphics cards for all of Apple's product lines - Matt Skynner, senior group product manager for ATI's Visual Products Group, said: "The chances of our own graphics cards being bundled in future G4s is very good.

"ATI cards are already in 90 per cent of Apple's other machines and our AGP 2X Rage Mobility 128 card is bundled with the new PowerBook G4. It's not a good business model for a company such as Apple to maintain a single supplier source. All manufacturers look to have a second source."

But in the past year, ATI's relationship with Apple has been strained. In July the company upset Apple by releasing details of new iMacs and G4s before Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Macworld Expo in New York.

Also, G4 Cube owners continue to experience difficulty obtaining ATI's Radeon cards as a build-to-order option with the G4 Cube - amid conflicting reports as to why.

Skynner added: "We have a five-year relationship with Apple and are always in dialogue with them. Doubtless many users of the top-end G4s will look to upgrade to our superior Radeon card, which offers superior quality on 3D performance."