ATI Technologies announced its latest Radeon chips last night – claiming Mac availability for early autumn in the US.

The Radeon 9000 Pro and Radeon 9700 processors “were developed with the Mac in mind”, said Rick Bergman, senior VP of marketing and general manager, desktop at ATI. “These graphics boards will be a strong draw for Apple users looking to increase their 3D performance, extend their creative potential and enhance their overall visual experience in virtually all applications,” he added.

The Radeon 9000 Pro Mac Edition board features 64MB of DDR memory and dual-digital display capabilities. It offers both ADC (Apple Display Connector) and DVI-I (Digital Visual Interface) ports, so users can attach one or two traditional flat panels, Apple flat panels or CRT monitors.

Features include a quad-pipeline 3D architecture. The chip uses SmartShader technologies to deliver movie-quality effects, along with image-enhancing technology SmoothVision. It doubles the capacity of previous-generation cards, ATI claims. The Radeon 9700 Mac Edition board will feature 128MB of high-speed DDR memory.

Bergman said: “This fall, Mac users will see ATI's Radeon 9700, the world's fastest and most technically advanced chip.

“The Radeon 9700 will drive graphics technology to new heights, totally outperforming every graphics chip currently on the market.”