Digidesign has announced Digi 002, its FireWire-based mini audio studio.

Digi 002 is the successor to the company's Digi 001 product. New features include a touch-sensitive control surface, 24-bit audio and up to 96KHz sample rates. The product ships with Pro Tools LE 5.3.2 for Mac OS 9.x and Windows.

The product offers analogue, digital and MIDI audio capabilities, with dedicated monitor and headphone outputs, and a single FireWire interface to link up with the Mac.

The 002 offers full control of the computer-based software, using the touch-sensitive controls of the main unit. Faders, rotary encoders and LCD-scribble scripts are all accessible through the main desk. The 002 can also be used in stand-alone mode as a digital mixer with onboard EQ, dynamics, delay and reverb.

The product carries eight analogue inputs, eight faders, and one MIDI in and two MIDI out ports –16 channels in, 32 channels out. The device also carries eight channels of ADAT optical input/output, and support for up to 32 tracks.

The company claims the product helps its users make the transition from an all-in-one home/project solution to a professional digital-audio workstation. The Digi 002 costs £1,870 (including software and plug-ins) and is expected to ship in the third quarter.