Eovia is now shipping Carrara Studio 2, its $399 3D solution for modelling, animation, and special effects.

“Carrara Studio 2 offers a level of usability and features that will save you hours of tedious work and can produce artwork that will make you stand out from the competition," Eovia CEO Antoine Clappier told Macworld.

The software has been available on pre-order since the middle of May, a move Clappier has hailed as a success. "It is a testimony to the future success of the product," he said.

Version 2 includes an enhanced object-selection tool, a new physics engine, and enhanced anti-aliasing. Cararra's rendering engine, Photon Maps, combines Ray Tracing and Radiosity rendering engines. This allows it to render the illumination of an entire 3D scene in an instant. "It is the best rendering engine of any 3D tool on the market," claimed Clappier. "Better than anything offered even in high-end products such as Maya."

The upgrade from version 1.1 costs $149. UK pricing was unavailable at the time of writing.

In related news, Eovia also announced that it will release VectorStyle, an advanced 3D vector rendering plug-in for Carrra Studio 2. It will begin shipping in August. The plug-in enables users to render high-quality 3D images and animations in various vector-file formats. including Macromedia Flash. VectorStyle uses the RAViX II technology from Electric Rain.

"VectorStyle delivers a professional 3D vector solution anyone can afford and gives Web designers and artists a completely new way to create vector art and Flash animations.

It will cost $129, or $99 when ordered with Carrara Studio 2.