Media 100 has announced plans to develop a Mac OS X-compatible version of Cleaner.

Cleaner adds dynamic, interactive streaming-video and audio to Web sites and prepares media for delivery on the Internet, via broadband, on CD-ROM, kiosks, in presentations and on DVD.

The company is showing a beta build of the application running on OS X at Macworld Expo. Steve Jobs used Cleaner on X to illustrate the speed of Apple's 867MHz Power Macintosh during his keynote speech yesterday. Cleaner for OS X is expected to be available in early 2002.

Caren Anhder, Media 100's senior product line manager said: "We anticipate significant performance from Cleaner running on OS X."

The company also announced an upgrade (5.1) to Cleaner 5 that adds support to all three major streaming-media formats - QuickTime 5, RealSystem 8.5 and Windows Media 7 for the Mac. It also supports Sorenson's recently released Video 3 codec. This update will be available this summer as a free download for Cleaner 5 users.

Media 100 also revealed that its Media 100i and Media 100 ICE digital-media production solutions have been certified for use with Apple's newly launched 867MHz G4 Power Mac.