Apple will continue to offer CRT iMacs "indefinitely", a decision taken with the education market in mind, the company revealed yesterday.

Although in his Macworld Expo keynote Steve Jobs said the new flat-panel iMacs mean 'the CRT is dead', Apple will continue to offer its £645 500MHz and £899 600MHz CRT iMacs. The one G3 iMac that has been dropped is the 700MHz. The decision to continue offering CRT versions was taken largely with the education market in mind.

On the day that the UK IT-in-education show BETT was launched, Apple UK managing director Mark Rogers said: "One of the reasons the old iMacs were popular in classrooms is because they take up little space and space is something schools rarely have much of.

"The 500MHz and 600MHz CRT iMacs will continue to be available indefinitely."

The move means that, as well as its new feature-packed G4 flat-panel iMacs, Apple can still offer schools two sub-£1,000 iMacs.

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