Apple kicked off Macworld Expo New York today with a keynote speech from its CEO Steve Jobs that included a new larger-display iMac, 20GB iPod, OS X 10.2, new ‘i’ applications, and a hefty dose of controversy with Apple cutting off iTools customers unless they pay $99 a year.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at today’s keynote-related Macworld news stories. Click on the links for the full story.

Steve Jobs keynote Macworld’s minute-by-minute reporting of the Apple CEO’s keynote speech at Macworld Expo New York.

17-inch LCD iMac 'breathtaking' Apple introduced a 17-inch widescreen LCD iMac at Macworld Expo, New York today. The company also reduced the price of the top-end 15-inch LCD iMac by £100. The new high-end iMac's 17-inch screen features an 800MHz G4 processor, an Nvidia GeForce4 MX graphics card, a SuperDrive and an 80GB hard drive, capable of holding over six hours of video, 15,000 songs and 73,000 digital images.

20GB iPod for Mac and Windows Apple has again doubled the capacity of its iPod portable digital-music player, taking the top-end model to 20GB – which Apple claims can hold 4,000 songs library. The company also announced that the iPod now works with Windows PCs and Musicmatch software. The 20GB iPod includes a new carrying case and wired remote control, and costs £399 (including VAT). Prices of the 5GB and 10GB iPods have been reduced to £259 and £329 respectively.

OS X 10.2 has '150 new features' Apple today introduced Mac OS X 10.2 which includes more than 150 new features and applications, according to Apple. Mac OS X 10.2 includes a new Mail application designed to eliminate junk mail; iChat AIM-compatible instant messenger; a system-wide Address Book; Inkwell handwriting recognition; QuickTime 6 with MPEG-4; improved Universal Access; an enhanced Finder; Sherlock 3 with Internet Services and Rendezvous Apple's home-networking technology. Mac OS X 10.2 – codenamed Jaguar – will be available in the UK on August 24 for £99 (price includes VAT).

Apple to charge for iTools Apple has renamed iTools .Mac, and has announced plans to levy a $99.95 per year charge for the use of its previously free suite of online services. .Mac introduces new features, such as Backup and Virex anti-virus software; improved versions of existing iTools services; and additional email and iDisk storage space.

Apple iSyncs with mobile phones Apple CEO Steve Jobs used his opening keynote speech at Macworld Expo New York to introduced iSync, which synchronizes address books and calendars between Macs and the new generation of Bluetooth-enabled GPRS mobile phones, PalmOS devices and Apple’s iPod portable digital-music player. Apple is working with mobile industry leaders Cingular and Sony Ericsson to offer Mac customers the first easy-to-use, integrated “Mac to Mobile” solution.

iTunes 3 adds Smart Playlists and Sound Check Apple has updated its iTunes digital-music software to version 3. New features include Smart Playlists, which Apple calls “revolutionary new way to listen to your music”. Other new features in iTunes 3 include Sound Check for consistent volume playback, and support for audio programming from

Apple makes date with iCal Apple introduced iCal - a new calendar program with built-in Internet sharing that lets business users, consumers and educators manage multiple calendars, share them over the Internet and automatically keep them updated – at Macworld Expo in New York.

OS X Server updated Apple has announced Mac OS X Server 10.2 – the Jaguar version of its Unix-based server software. This version includes over 50 new features and network-management tools. Highlights include: NetBoot and the NetInstall network-management tools, based on Apple’s new LDAPv3 (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Open Directory architecture. These simplify user and computer management for business, education and government customers. Apple has distributed this technology through the Darwin Open Source project.