Discreet announced Cleaner 6 at Macworld Expo, New York yesterday – the company will release the product in Autumn.

Cleaner 6 is Mac OS X-compatible. The product has become the standard for creating streaming video and audio for multimedia and the Web, the company claims. This version supports QuickTime 6 and MPEG-4.

Paul Lypaczewski, Discreet's general manager, explained: “Discreet continues to show its strong commitment to the Mac community with Cleaner 6 for Mac, a reliable and comprehensive content mastering application, optimized and enhanced for Mac OS X.”

The company aims to “satisfy the increasing demand for compelling visual content for Web delivery, DVDs and CDs”, he said.

Cleaner 6 offers an Aqua user interface. It supports a number of Mac OS X features, including: watch folders, drag-&-drop support, nested settings, memory protection, preemptive multitasking and symmetric multiprocessing.

The product ships in autumn in the US and costs $599. The upgrade price will be $179.