Discreet plans to integrate encoding technologies across its product range, including the Mac version of Combustion 3, which it announced at Macworld Conference and Expo this month.

The company is closing the offices in which the development team for its Cleaner products worked, transferring “selected resources” to its development centre in Montreal, where all its product development will now be based. This means encoding technologies – which the company considers a “critical component” of its ongoing strategy – will be introduced within future versions of products from the company. While Discreet will continue to support and sell Cleaner XL and Cleaner 6 for Macs, it guarantees no future releases of these products as a result of the move, the company announced at Macworld.

Combustion 3 is the latest version of Discreet’s award-winning visual effects software. The product combines vector paining, animation and editing tools with 3D compositing, and has been custom-built for the creation of effects and motion graphics for video, film, DVD and the Web. This version offers new features for broadcast professionals, including ways to repurpose video for the Web, and special-effects creation for movies and HDTV.

Enhancements include customizable brushes, savable presets, timeline markers and digital video capture and output features. The product will also offer advanced support for third-party plug-ins and better integration with AfterEffects and Photoshop plug-ins.

A number of powerful new features such as JavaScript also appear, leading Discreet general manager Paul Lypaczewski to say that the product: “Will push the boundaries even further for our Mac customers.”

Combustion 3 will ship in “early 2004”, the company said. It will cost $995, while an upgrade from Combustion 2 or 2.1 costs $199. UK pricing unavailable.