Epson is demonstrating scanners running on Mac OS X at Macworld Expo New York.

Epson's Perfection and Expression scanners are running on OS X using beta drivers. Scanner manufacturer Agfa released its first scanner driver for Mac OS X last week. Epson will release its drivers for download in late summer.

Dan Crane, Epson's vice president of marketing, said: "We have taken advantage of Mac OS X's core technologies to bring scanning to it. Epson remains committed to the Macintosh community, and we are delighted to bring our products to Mac OS X." The company is also demonstrating ArcSoft's PhotoStudio X, which ships in the software bundle with Epson's scanners.

The slow arrival of scanner drivers for Mac OS X is attributable to Mac OS X's lack of support for some external devices (such as scanners) up until Mac OS X 10.0.4, a source told Macworld. "The built in support for video and storage devices was OK, but other devices were still not properly supported by the OS," the source claimed.

If true, scanner manufacturers may have had to build their own native Mac OS X drivers from scratch.