El Gato is preparing to release a PAL-supporting version of EyeTV – a digital-video recorder that can record and pause live TV and skip commercials.

EyeTV also offers instant replay, and searches for programs to watch immediately or record automatically later.

The Mac-only solution offers a searchable channel guide, and can record directly to a Mac's hard drive. It features an instant replay button, a skip button and can save programs to VideoCD (using Toast 5 Titanium from Roxio).

El Gato says each hour of TV will consume 650MB of hard drive space.

EyeTV will work on any Mac with a built-in USB port running Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later. It requires a minimum of 20MB of disk space for the application, and approximately 650MB of disk space for each hour of recorded video. It's US price is $199.

El Gato created Toast 5 Titanium for Roxio and SmartDisk's FlashMedia Reader. EyeTV is the first product the company has offered directly to consumers.