Ezedia is previewing eZediaQTI at Macworld Expo.

eZediaQTI is a cross-platform QuickTime-authoring and animation environment for creating rich, interactive Internet content. It lets users combine video, graphics, animation, sound, virtual reality and text for intranets, presentations and the Web.

Stefan Embleton, president and CEO of eZedia, explained: “With over 150 million copies of QuickTime Player in distribution, eZediaQTI will have a strong impact not only on QuickTime authoring, but on the delivery of interactive Web content.”

The application lets users link different kinds of media to create chains of events and actions, the results can be exported as a QuickTime movie with a single click. iTools, WebDav and FTP are supported from within the application. The application lets users rotate, scale and change the transparency level of media between points on a path, without programming or scripting.

The application supports all major media file formats, drag-&-drop, and more. EZediaQTI ships in autumn, and is expected to cost $129.