EZQuest launched the Boa 32x-10x-40x FireWire CD-RW drive for Macs at Macworld Expo yesterday.

The unit can burn a 74-minute CD in just 2.3 minutes. It offers a 2MB buffer size – which speeds the process and protects against faulty burns – and employs EZQuest's Burn-Proof technology, which "eliminates" buffer under-run errors.

The company sees its product as particularly appropriate for data archiving, MIDI and recording studio use. It's a cross-platform product, and is hot-pluggable.

Encased in a light-grey, streamlined case, the unit ships with an auto-switching power supply, FireWire cable and Roxio Toast 5. The product is available from January 15, and costs $249 in the US. UK distribution is through Channel Dynamics.

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