Farallon yesterday announced a trio of Mac wireless-networking solutions that support both AirPort networks and the HomeRF home wireless-networking standard.

The products are the Symphony HRF home-networking suite and the NetLine Wireless Broadband Gateway and the Skyline PCI Card, which are used in tandem for cross-platform office networking. The products are among Farallon's first major Mac releases since it became the Consumer Networks Business Unit (CNBU) of Proxim, the US-based leader in wirefree broadband networking.

Farallon's Mac support for the £99 Symphony-HRF will allow the Macintosh community to join the nascent home-wireless networking revolution. This is being enabled by HomeRF, the home-networking standard that allows people to share a single Internet connection, games, peripherals and files across multiple devices without the need for proprietry software or hardware. It means that Symphony-enabled Macs will be able to connect with HomeRF-compliant phones, MP3 devices, Web pads and other Internet appliances.

"Symphony-HRF and Macs are a perfect fit," said Ken Hasse, CNBU marketing director. "Macs are multimedia machines and Symphony-HRF is designed to deliver multimedia services such as voice, data, music and movies throughout the home."

Cross platform,br> Gateway, meanwhile, is a £399 plug-&-play platform-independent solution that is a combination of access point and broadband gateway. It can be used in tandem with Farallon's new SkyLine PCI Card, which gives non-Airport desktops Macs wireless connectivity. The combined solution allows schools and businesses to create networks that support both Macs and PCs, over both wired and wireless connections, and to share a single Internet connection. In Europe, the SkyLine PCI Card is shipping as two units: a £149 PC Card and a £70 PCI Card.

Ken Hasse said: "This solution gives our small business and education customers maximum flexibility to choose the right wireless solution for their environment. It is also a safe solution, because it provides a natural firewall."

Farallon also announced that it is releasing Mac OS X drivers for its NetLine Gigabit PCI Card. The card - combined with the NetLine 24-port 10/100/1000 Switch - gives schools and offices a low-cost solution to Mac networking. It will provide improved TCP/IP support, performance and stability by removing the reliance on Open Transport.

Ken Hasse said: "We've developed our Gigabit Switch and Gigabit driver for Mac OS X in order to fully support our Mac customers' networking needs. Mac OS X offers unprecedented stability and we can take advantage of the speed of OS X's Mach kernal.

"Schools and businesses will be able to integrate ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit within their networks."