Smith Micro Software launched FAXstf X, a fax solution built natively for Mac OS X, at Macworld Expo, New York.

FAXstf X faxes sends and receives faxes from any Mac document application. It also takes advantage of the AddressBook inside Mac OS X so there's no need to duplicate or maintain multiple phonebooks. The address book is drag-&-dropped from the AddressBook facility into FAXstf X's FaxBrowser to send faxes.

As a native Mac OS X application, FAXstf X supports multithreading, which sends faxes in the background while performing other tasks. The app also takes advantage of OS X'S Aqua user interface, and features animated icons reflecting the status of faxes being sent or received.

AppleScript is also supported to automate repetitive fax tasks. This offers third-party developers a way to integrate faxing functions in OS X applications.

FAXstf X has advanced features difficult to find on any other machine, according to Smith Micro, such as sending a fax to multiple recipients, creating AddressBook entries for different fax groups, page jumping to go to any page in a document,, and viewing faxes up to 500 per cent. There is also a FaxBrowser feature that views and manages faxes from any location.

FAXstf X is due to ship in the third quarter of 2001 for $59.95. UK pricing is unavailable.