Xnet Communications is set to announce plans to introduce Rendezvous support in its FTP applications today at Macworld Expo.

The company hopes to harness Rendevous to help users on mixed-platform networks share files seamlessly with little recourse to tech support teams.

The company's file transfer product Captain FTP can now find any Rendezvous-capable FTP server on the network. The company is also introducing Crocodile Server, its Rendezvous-enabled FTP server for Windows.

Xnet's communications manager Wolfgang Fatz said: "The charter of our new product line is to enable Zero Configuration IP Networking. That means making it possible to take two computers, and connect them with a crossover Ethernet cable, and have them communicate usefully using IP, without needing a man in a white lab coat to set it all up for you.

“Captain FTP Client for Mac takes the advantage of Rendezvous to discover and directly connect with the Crocodile Server on your PC. With zero technical discussion you can get your files produced on Mac and share it with rest of the world using powerful Crocodile Server."