Essential Reality showed for the first time its P5 Glove at Macworld Expo New York yesterday.

The Mac-compatible glove allows the user to fully control screen images in a 3D world. Using sensors, it accurately measures each finger flex, plus the position of the users hand in 3D space, according to the company.

Using technology more commonly used for high-end motion capture, the P5 Glove will bring gesture-driven control to games and other applications when it ships early next year.

The glove is tracked in 3D space, and gives co-ordinate, pitch, roll and yaw data. While it will require games to be designed specifically for it to take full advantage of the technology, it can also be used as a mouse replacement.

The P5 is likely to sell for under £100 when it ships, making it ideal for gamers, or anybody wishing to interact with applications in 3D.