Online game specialist, GamesHouse has ported eight of its titles to Mac OS X.

The titles are Collapse!; Bounce Out!, Mah Jong; TextTwist; Glinx; Nisqually; Gem Drop and WhatWord.

Ron Powers, vice president of business development for GameHouse, said “Mac OS X is proving to be a strong and popular platform, so we are bringing our award-winning online games to its users.”

Powers added: “With its power, stability and elegance, Apple’s super-modern operating system provides an ideal environment for gaming, and we are determined to continue offering great games for the Mac.”

Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, said: “With state-of-the-arts graphics technologies like OpenGL, Quartz and QuickTime fully integrated into the operating system, Mac OS X is able to deliver top-notch performance for games.

“GameHouse develops a number of fun and compelling games, and we are excited to have eight of them available for our Mac OS X users.”

The eight titles will be on exhibit at the Mac OS X Game Arcade at Macworld Expo, New York. The titles cost $19.95 and are available for download.