Attendees at Macworld Conference San Francisco can make new Mac and iPod-using friends using innovative software from Jambo Networks.

Jambo and Macworld Conference organisers IDG World Expo have teamed-up to offer showgoers access to the service. Users must download an application to their portable Mac: "To discover other attendees you want to meet that are in proximity."

The tool works using WiFi. It relates users together by areas of interest which are defined by users as they sign-up. "Wherever you happen to be. Jambo can detect like-minded attendees," the company claims.

The service will operate throughout the show, at hotels, the airport, or up to five or six blocks away from "wherever you are", the company said. "Jambo can even discover other attendees on the same airplane flight too, since Jambo works online and offline," it added.

Jambo has also created an online Macworld Community group site to let users browse other attendee profiles.