Digital Voodoo announced its high-definition, broadcast-design card - the Iridium HD - at Macworld Expo, San Francisco.

This is an output-only video card with two 10-bit SDI (Serial Digital Interface) outputs. It lets designers and graphic artists view work on high-definition SDI. It's designed to enhance After Effects, Photoshop, Combustion and Boris workflows.

Andrew Stone, hardware technology director of Digital Voodoo, said: "Originally, Digital Voodoo planned to manufacture a single high-definition solution. However, after numerous discussions with graphic artists at NAB, we understood that many users would not need both input and output – an output only solution would be very useful. So we created a family of high-definition products similar to our standard-definition products."

The card offers real-time, uncompressed, 10-bit QuickTime playback with no video compression. It operates in either 1080i or 720p television systems, and can be used to run a second monitor when not in use. The product costs $6,995. No UK price has been announced yet.

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