Apple has introduced a selection of scripts for iDVD 2.1. The company has also updated iDVD 2 to version 2.1, which supports AppleScript's.

This means iDVD users can automate DVD creation by linking iDVD to media-asset systems and other scriptable applications such as iTunes, Photoshop, and Media 100i.

The scripts include: iDVD Companion, an automation tool for iDVD that offers a tabbed palette that floats over the iDVD interface. This uses AppleScript to provide controls for button alignment and positioning, menu and slideshow navigation, automatic template creation, importing audio from iTunes, and importing stills and albums from iPhoto.

Transfer The iPhoto to iDVD Slideshow script transfers images from iPhoto to iDVD. There preferences for overlaying navigation arrows on slides and setting slideshow durations.

The Import iPhoto Image As Background script runs searches all iPhoto Albums to track down background images for the current iDVD menu.

Import iPhoto Album imports the contents of an iPhoto album to a new slideshow in iDVD.

The Photoshop to iDVD script imports a flatenned version of a Photoshop image into iDVD as the background image for the menu.

Finally, the iTunes to iDVD script adds an audio background to the iDVD menu.