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iPod Mini

“We want to go after the high-end flash market.”

“We are going to introduce the second member of the iPod family – to go after these guys.”

“It will store 4GB – or 1,000 songs. It’s half the thickness of the other flash players. It’s $50 more than the other players, but this is the best $50 you’ll spend. It’s half an inch thick. And you get the award-winning iPod interface.”

It includes the solid-state scroll wheel with the control buttons included on the scroll wheel. It is FireWire- and USB 2-compatible, and includes both cables, a belt-clip, and an arm-band for running.

“16 times the music, half the thickness, for $50 more.”

And one more thing…

“It comes in colours: gold, blue, pink, green, silver.”

iPod Mini will ship in the US next month, and worldwide in April.


“We are so thrilled with the success of the iPod. Last quarter we sold 730,000 iPods – with the two-millionth sold in December.”

In October and November Apple had 31 per cent market share with the iPod. Which bought in 51 per cent revenue share.

Apple has replaced the 10GB iPod with a 15GB model (with no price increase), and introduced new "in-your-ear" earphones for $39.

GarageBand “Today we’re announcing something so cool – GarageBand will join the four iLife apps. A major new music tool for everyone. It turns your Mac into a recording studio. And this isn’t a niche thing – half of US households have one member who makes music.”

“We’ve built SoundTrack right into GarageBand.”

“You can plug your electric guitar right into your Mac.”

“Software instruments include a Yamaha Grand Piano right on your Mac.”

Keyboard and guitar player John demos the new software instruments played with a keyboard. “One thing that’s never been done right is the guitar – and this is the one time I’ve heard a guitar sound right.”

“You can do anything with these instruments, change the tempo, anything you want.”

There are 1,000 loops from professional musicians shipping with GarageBand.

Export your GarageBand tracks into iTunes. “Pretty neat.”

"50 software instruments. 1,000 pre recorded loops. All in one app."

"The equivalent packages in the Windows world could cost you over $300. The five iLife apps suite will sell for $49."

“And it’s free with every new Mac.”

Available in store from January 16.

Also available is Jam Pack a value add product with over 2,000 more loops, 15 more guitar amps, and 100 effects presets. Available for $49.


“iLife 04 is like Microsoft Office for the rest of your life.”

– Includes iTunes 4.2, and iPhoto 4.0 supports up to 25,000 photos with zero waiting, time-based organization, Smart Albums, enhanced slideshow, Rendevous photosharing.

“We’ve all got a few thousand photos and iPhoto now supports up to 25,000 photos.”

Other features include: enhanced slide shows, rendezvous Photo sharing – so the whole family can share photos, and albums are now displayed by calendar year: “So you don’t have to look through 20,000 photos to find them.”

Smart albums can be set up using a ratings system – a similar concept to iTunes: “And you can even rate photos when watching a slideshow.”

“We have also improved slideshows”. Background music can now be an entire play list rather than one song and new effects can be employed to move from photo to photo, such as transition by cube.

Photo books will be available in Europe in March.

“We’ve found ways to make iMovie even better. You can now trim clips directly in the time line. There are new and enhanced titles. And you can import video from an iSight camera.”

“It’s now easy to publish your movies on to the Web through your .Mac account.”

“iDVD 4 now features enhanced menus, enhanced slide shows, a navigation map, pro encoding from Final Cut Pro, and we’ve upped the time to two hours on an industry standard DVD. And now users can archive a movie on a Mac without a Superdrive, and then transfer it to a Mac with one for burning.”

iTunes Music Store

“We have hit 30 million downloads – and we’ve feeling pretty good about it.”

“The iTunes music store has 70 per cent of legal downloads. Its great to get above that 5 per cent! That makes us the number one in the world.”

“The top spender has spent $29,500 on the music store.”

“We added 5,000 audio books in October. We sold over 50,000 audio books in the first quarter.”

“We also launched gift certificates in October. And we have sold over 100,000 gift certificates since October.”

New features:

Billboard charts – download the hits from 1976 to the present day for each of the popular genres.

“Over 12,000 classical tracks will be added today.”

“There are now 500,000 songs available for download and purchase. iTunes is now the largest online music store in the world.”

PowerMac G5

“We couldn’t be happier with it is – it is the fastest personal computer in the world.”

The Virginia Tech supercluster: “We had to piss of a few other customers to do it, but – I’m sorry.”

Steve shows a video of the Virginia Tech story – the number three super-computer in the world.

Xserve G5

Xserves now have G5s in them. “Today we are producing the G5 Xserve. It has single and dual G5 processors and cooling these guys was no easy trick. Up to 759 GB of storage. Ship with Mac OS X Server 10.3.”

“Unlike Linux mere mortals can use it.”

Will ship in February.

Xserve Raid G5

“It’s got up to 3.5 TB – that’s a 30 per cent increase.”

“You can add drives without re-partitioning everything.”

“It now runs on a wide variety of operating systems.”

Microsoft Office 2004 Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit general manager Roz Ho said: “This is the best Office product we have ever known at the Business unit.”
– Word Notebook View, which makes it easier to take notes on a Mac.
– Audio notes in Word, for recording voice notes.
– Excel Page Layout View: allows for the formatting of data and insertion of lists.
Microsoft announces Technology Guarantee Program. Buy Office X and get Office 2004 free when it's released in the spring.

Final Cut Express 2 Apple announces Final Cut Express – “Based on Final Cut Pro 4 technology and optimized for the G5.”

FCE 2.0 is available now for $299, and as a $99 upgrade. [

Mac OS X Jobs said: “We now have 9.3 million active Mac OS X users – 40 per cent of our installed base. "The transition is basically now over."

"We are out ahead of the industry with Panther. People are using the Expose feature like crazy. The new finder has also been very well received, as has fast user-switching.

“It's really hard and takes many years to swap operating systems, Microsoft will be in 200-and whenever – this is the fastest user transition of an operating system ever.

Mac's 20th anniversary Jobs kicks off his keynote by screening the famous first-ever Mac ad – first broadcast in 1984 during that year's Super Bowl. “The best ad ever made," trumpets Jobs.

He said: “If you weren’t there it's hard to remember how things were before the Mac came out. It was very weird. The Mac came out and changed everything. It was literally a decade before anything else.

"It was really startling that we had to teach people what a mouse was, what pointing-&-clicking and cutting-&-pasting was. People got used to the Mac pretty fast. It was the industry’s first 32-bit processor.

"It will be a great twentieth anniversary year."