IBM subsidiary Lotus Software has announced plans to support Mac OS X in the next version of Lotus Notes.

Lotus Notes is widely used as a messaging alternative by users of Windows-based operating systems. The company said this release, code-named Rnext, will offer Mac OS X users the same collaborative technology and features of Lotus software as enjoyed by their PC colleagues.

Scott Cooper, vice president of Lotus Solutions at IBM, said: "IBM Lotus software has a rich history of providing successful, business-driven multi-platform solutions. To this end, Notes Rnext on Mac OS X is a complete Notes client, with all the same key capabilities as available in the Win 32 environment.

"Macintosh users can rely on Lotus' native support. We are committed to the Mac community and relish this opportunity to further our relationship with Apple and its user base."

Rnext step Apple's VP of worldwide developer relations Ron Okamoto said: "Lotus Notes Rnext for Mac OS X will enable Macintosh users to seamlessly expand their messaging and collaboration capabilities while being backed by the world's most advanced operating system."

This release of IBM's messaging solution implements numerous features new to all platforms, including: enhancements in user-interface, messaging, calendaring and scheduling, mobility and performance.

Mac OS X support will be introduced in the next available beta version of the software, which will be distributed online during the first quarter 2002. The final name and price of the solution remain unannounced.

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