Macworld US announced its "Macworld Best of Show Awards" at Macworld Expo yesterday.

The awards are given to the most exciting hardware and software products announced at the show. In their decision-making process, Macworld US's editors looked particularly for Mac OS X support, and wanted to reward developers returning to the Mac, or coming to the platform for the first time.

Eligible products had to be announced at the show, or generate genuine excitement.

The Best of Show winners are:

Apple's new iMac, for its flat panel display, G4 processor and the option of a SuperDrive – which brings desktop DVD authoring into the home for the first time.

iPhoto, freely available from Apple for Mac OS X only, which is poised to become a must-have application for Mac-using digital photographers.

Adobe LiveMotion 2.0, the latest version of the company's Web graphics and animation solution – which now offers JavaScript support and is also compatible with Mac OS X.

Asante's FriendlyNet 5037 Accelerated Cable/DSL Router. This product shares Internet connections between multiple users at up to 100Mbps.

ABS from CMS, an automated back-up system that archives a hard disk as soon as it's connected to the Mac.

Creo's Six Degrees project-management tool. This connects word processing, email, documents and contact info together.

E-on's Vue d-Esprit 4. Announced at the show, this is a 3D-scenery drawing application for OS X. Features include Mac OS X and multiple-processor support.

Kaidan's 360 One. This creates 360-degree QuickTime VR movies.

MacSoft's Civilization III, which Macworld's editors consider is "easier to learn, more challenging to master, and just plain better than its already legendary predecessor".

Mind Avenue's AXELedge, an application for 3D creation for the Web.

NCSoft's Lineage: The Blood Pledge. The Mac OS X version of this title goes on release in the US next month, and will come to the UK soon.

Roxio's Toast with Jam. The latest audio CD authoring product from the company, it offers Mac OS X support and a selection of tools for music fans who want to create custom CDs. Tools include cross faders, 24-bit audio support, and a full version of Mac OS X-compatible audio editor Peak LE.

QPS Que 007. This is an unusually designed FireWire CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination drive featuring a PCMIA slot.

Smart Technologies SynchronEyes 2.0. A training and collaboration tool that lets instructors see thumbnail images of what's happening on up to 40 student desktops. This product also lets instructors take control of student's Macs to resolve any problems.