Macworld has announced the winners of the "Best of Show Awards," representing the most exciting new hardware and software products announced at Macworld Conference & Expo in New York. Jim Dalrymple, news director of and Macworld US news, presented the awards.

"The Best of Show winners exemplify the tremendous commitment of developers to the Macintosh platform," stated Dalrymple. "I was particularly impressed with the way most of them are taking advantage of Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X."

To be eligible for Best of Show consideration, products were either making their public debut at Macworld Expo or were recently introduced and likely to generate excitement on the show floor. In addition, the products had to be seen in action. The Best of Show Awards represent a highly coveted honour within the Macintosh industry and are presented exclusively at the expo.

The Macworld Best of Show award winners are:

Apple OS 10.1: This "first major" update, due in September, will address many of the shortcomings found by Macintosh users since the initial release of the OS.

Apple 867MHz PowerMac G4: In addition to a significant increase in performance, the mid-range G4 now offers DVD-RW capabilities at a lower price point, making this technology available to a broader range of Macintosh users.

Asante FriendlyNet Wireless Ready Cable/DSL Router: This wireless router offers additional security for your network, including connectivity to the Internet, printers, files and other resources.

Canon D2400UF: This scanner goes far beyond typical text and graphics scanning capabilities to include a versatile, built-in, large format film adapter.

DiamondSoft Font Reserve Server for OS X: Font Reserve Server, designed for publishing work groups, provides effective font management across an entire organization.

IBM ViaVoice for OS X: The new update to IBM's voice-activation software is faster and more efficient than the previous version.

MicroMat Drive 10: Sporting a sleek aqua interface, this advanced disc repair and recovery product has been designed exclusively for Mac OS X.

Microsoft Office 2001 for OS X: Due this autumn, the updated suite of business applications boasts some exciting and useful innovations.

SmartDisk FireLite 5GB FireWire Hard Drive: This 5GB FireWire hard drive is one of the smallest and most portable external hard drives to enter the Macintosh market.

Toon Boom: Designed for animators in the Mac community, this powerful software increases productivity when creating digital animation.

Xerox Phaser 860: This colour laser printer is compatible with OS X over a network and produces prints of amazing quality.