Microsoft is to sell its email client separately as well as with the Office v.X business suite, for £79.99. It is also going to extend its Office Party deal whereby purchasers of new Macs can also buy a full copy of Office v.X for £149 (usual price £429) until April 30 in Europe.

Microsoft expects the boxed copies of Entourage for Mac OS X to be available in the UK by the end of the month. Previously, if you wanted Entourage you had to buy the full Office v.X package.

Scott Erickson, product manager of Microsoft?s Macintosh Business Unit (MBU), told Macworld that the Office Party deal has been a ?runaway success?, and the extended Office Romance deal will run three weeks longer in Europe than it will in the US.

The 30-day Office v.X Test Drive will now be pre-installed on all new Macs in North America ? with a worldwide deal a possibility in the coming months.

?This sums up how well we?re working with Apple,? Erickson told Macworld.

A new version of Office for Mac OS X is not expected until the end of 2003 at the earliest.

Microsoft also showed Macworld its MSN for Mac client, which MBU lead product manager Mary Starman said is ?better than the Windows version?.

It includes junk-mail filters from Entourage, parental-control features, and 24/7 dedicated Mac support ? but will not be available outside of North America for ?several months?.

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