Microsoft has announced its new Remote Desktop Connection Client for Macs.

The Client lets Macintosh users access and run Windows computers and applications directly from a Mac.

Its been developed for companies with mixed-platform networks that need their Macs to collaborate with Windows machines and non-Mac applications.

Windows view It lets Macs access Windows-based data, applications and network resources by connecting remotely “from virtually anywhere”, Microsoft claims.

The software also lets Macs access Microsoft Exchange information on corporate networks, letting users share Calendar information with Windows colleagues.

The free, English version of Remote Desktop Connection Client for Macs will be made available for download July 31.

Microsoft has also announced a special promotion, called Get it Together, in the US. Between July 15 to September 30, consumers buying Office v.X and any new Mac will receive a rebate of up to $100. Those who upgrade to Office v.X when buying a Mac will get a $50 rebate.

Microsoft UK sources have confirmed this to be a US only deal at present, but revealed: “Microsoft UK is currently planning a series of offers and packages for the UK market, to be rolled out over the coming months.”