Online multiplayer gaming portal GameRanger has announced plans to implement full Mac OS X support on its site by the end of August.

GameRanger for Mac OS X will offer interface and usability improvements built for Apple's next-generation OS. The portal allows game players to find partners for online games. It also includes interactive chat rooms.

Supported games include Age of Empires, Baldur's Gate II, Elite Force, Majesty, Quake III Team Arena, Rogue Spear and Vampire-The Masquerade.

GameRanger president Scott Kevill said: "One of the priorities of the new Mac version was to improve the user-interface to make it easy for new players to get to know GameRanger, while supplying more power for hardcore gamers.

The GameRanger community consists of over 50,000 registered members. It supports Mac OS 8 and 9. Interested gamers must visit the site, register and download GameRanger's client software.