Palm Inc. boss Todd Bradley has expanded on the Desktop 4.0 software for Mac OS X that he demonstrated during Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote.

Desktop 4.0 enables Mac users to edit and create data, and to manage applications on Palm devices using OS X on a Mac.

Palm executive vice president and chief operating officer Bradley said: "This new desktop software offers Macintosh users more than just improved synchronization. New features include the ability to connect Mac and Windows users, allowing them to share data and information. Specially designed for Mac OS X, this software provides a simple and elegant Palm Desktop solution."

The beta solution offers native OS X support, improved handheld-to-desktop data compatibility, vCard and vCal support, and has the ability to use multiple languages. It's available for free download from Palm.

Apple's VP worldwide developer relations, Ron Okamoto, said: "Seamless device connectivity and industry-leading applications make Mac OS X the ultimate engine for the digital hub."

Data security has also been improved with this release - private records on the handheld are now also private on Palm Desktop on the Mac.

The Palm Desktop is now viewable in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

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