The MegaPhone Company has released public beta versions of its MegaPhone v9.0 and PhonePro v9.0 applications for Mac OS X – continuing the trend for Mac-compatible convergence initiatives.

These applications will take advantage of the telephony support built into Apple's Mac OS X 10.2 operating system.

Mike Speiser, president of The MegaPhone Company, said: “There is a growing demand among Macintosh users for the ability to manage telephone calls on their desktops, and to integrate telephony functionality into mission-critical applications.

“Our first priority is to offer upgraded versions of MegaPhone and PhonePro based on the Macintosh Telephone Manager. In the meantime, our development team is working on new versions to take advantage of the telephony support that will appear in Jaguar.”

MegaPhone lets users manage phone calls on Macs. Features include: Call screening; automatic synchronization with contact databases; drag-&-drop dialling; and call logging. With appropriate hardware, the solution offers an answer machine function.

PhonePro is a telephony application builder. Users can build scripts to handle calls and some interactions with callers. This solution can be used with AppleScript to link up with databases.