Other World Computing (OWC), in conjunction with NewerTech, has released NuPower, the first-ever upgrade available for the PowerBook G3 FireWire system – originally dubbed Pismo.

NuPower allows owners of PowerBook G3 400MHz and 500MHz systems to upgrade to a 500MHz G4 processor.

"The NuPower G4 Pismo upgrade is the only one available today," OWC president Larry O'Connor told Macworld. "Prior to this, PowerBook G3 owners had no choice other than to buy a new titanium PowerBook. NewerTech has always been recognised as an innovator and we're excited to be the exclusive distributor of this bleeding edge technology."

NuPower costs $299.

OWC has also updated and renamed its hugely popular free utility, Unsupported UtilityX, which is now known as XPostFacto 2.11. The utility was originally launched at the time of Apple's release of Mac OS X in March 2001. XPostFacto allows Mac OS X and OS X Server to operate on select pre-G3 Power Macs and PowerBooks.

The utility is the work of Ryan Rempel, a 37-year-old lawyer for the Canadian government. "Since releasing it I've had over 6,000 emails from people offering thanks," Rempel told Macworld.

His work was spotted by Larry O'Connor shortly after its release, and OWC soon took the Unsupported UtilityX into its stable of products. Rempel is now OWC's OS X guru, and divides his time between practising law and his passion for coding.

"It started as a hobby for me. I found that the beta release of Mac OS X worked on my 7300 but then Apple announced that it wasn't supporting OS X on pre-G3 Macs. Because I was a student at the time I couldn't afford to upgrade my machine, hence the utlility."

Rempel added: "From time to time I've had support from Apple's engineers but I'm not sure if the company's marketing department are so understanding. They always prefer people to buy new machines."

XPostFacto 2.11 is available as a free download from www.eshop.macsales.com/osxcenter.