Upgrade manufacturers Sonnet and PowerLogix both delivered new Power Mac upgrades at Macworld Expo.

Sonnet presented its single-processor 1.2GHz Encore/ST G4, while PowerLogix delivered its PowerForce Dual G4 1.2Ghz. The latter also introduced several other upgrades.

Sonnet Technologies' Encore/ST G4 1.2GHz upgrade is for certain Graphite and QuickSilver Power Mac G4s. It uses a Motorola 745x series G4 chip, and carries 2MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) L3 backside cache. Built-in auto-detection technology determines if it is installed in a 100Mhz or 133MHz bus-equipped Mac, and it configures itself.

It is compatible with the following models: Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics; Power Mac G4 Gigabit Ethernet; Power Mac G4 Digital Audio; Power Mac G4 Cube (Requires Cube Installation Kit and professional installation.); Power Mac G4 QuickSilver 2001 733, 800DP, 867; Power Mac G4 Servers, equivalent to desktop machines mentioned. 800 and 933MHz Power Macs are not supported. UK pricing is unavailable. It costs $799.95.

PowerLogix PowerForce Dual G4 1.2GHz is for PowerMac G4s from AGP to QuickSilver 2002 models, presently excluding the Cube.

The company also announced its PowerForce G4 Series 233 single processor upgrade, available in speeds of 800MHz, 1GHz, and 1.2GHz. These are compatible with all PowerMac G4s from the AGP to QuickSilver 2002, including the Cube; and support both 100 and 133MHz bus speeds. All these upgrades feature 2MB L3 cache on-board.

The company also launched an upgrade for PowerMac G3 beige, blue-&-white, and original PCI PowerMac G4s - the PowerMac G3 800 ZIF. This features an IBM 750FX running at 800MHz with 512K of cache running at 800MHz.

PowerLogix announced its PowerForce G3 800 for PCI PowerMacs. Also using IBM's 750FX processor the upgrade offers legacy Macs 800Mhz performance.

These products are expected to reach market 'soon'. Contact Sonnet and PowerLogix distributor AM Micro for pricing and availability details.