21st Century Media introduced cast:stream for Mac OS X, its QuickTime-based presentation broadcasting solution, at Macworld Expo.

It's a cross-platform presentation-broadcasting tool that creates online presentations by synchronizing live QuickTime streaming video in one window with high-quality rich media "slides" in another.

It synchronizes live-streaming broadcasts with any of the eighty rich media types supported by QuickTime 5.

This means content creators can combine video, audio, graphics and animation from a variety of different sources within one presentation. There's a number of interactive features too, including instant messaging. Instant message traffic is managed from within the application. A presentation's moderators can also see how many viewers are connected to any one webcast. In use, one server can handle up to five simultaneous streams.

Jim Baker, 21st century CEO, said: "Cast:stream redefines the way presentations are delivered over the Internet. With intelligent caching and synchronization, combined with the power of QuickTime, cast:stream for Mac OS X gets beyond simple streaming broadcasts, creating broadcasts that come alive with beautiful graphics, animation and QuickTime VR. Anyone can create powerful interactive presentations, and users get a consistent experience whether using a modem or broadband."

Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations Ron Okamoto explained: "Mac OS X gives developers access to QuickTime's complete multimedia architecture. This application is a great example of how it can be leveraged to create tremendous solutions for communication and education."

Cast:stream consists of player, server and moderator applications that run natively on Mac OS X and OS 9.x. Pricing depends on requirements, contact the company for details.

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